Shark Skin Technology (SST) – what is that?

The innovative Shark Skin Technology for maximum aquaplaning safety


Nature’s fine art of low water resistance

If you’ve ever been close enough to a shark to see its extraordinary, unique skin texture you will have witnessed Mother Nature at its most ingenious. Its effect is replicated in our RainSport 3 and RainExpert 3 tyres.

From far away, sharks look sleek, almost slippery, but up close you’ll find scales that look like interlocking miniature teeth. These teeth – or dermal scales as they’re known - don’t just protect the shark, they bristle like fur and push the water down their body more efficiently and with less drag. And so they stalk their prey. Faster. Quieter. With less resistance. 


Bionics for improved Safety and driving pleasure

The scales’ intricate grooves inspired our designers to develop the Shark Skin Technology (SST) used in our RainSport 3 and RainExpert 3 tyres. Using bionics we’ve been able to replicate the sharkskin effect within our tread patterns to prevent liquid turbulence and quickly expel water from beneath the tyre.

This revolutionary technology means tyres can zip through puddles without losing contact with the road. As the water passes through their grooves at speed, it is efficiently and swiftly dispersed meaning the tyres maintain their hold on the road surface and the risk of aquaplaning is reduced.

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