What are winter tyres?

Some countries insist that you swap from summer to winter tyres as the cold weather approaches. But what are winter tyres? And why are they compulsory in some places but not others?

How are they made?

Winter tyres have a higher natural rubber content which gives them a softer structure. The interplay between the tyres’ rubber compound and the road changes as temperatures rise. This affects the tyres’ grip. Summer tyres harden below +7 degrees C while winter tyres’ specially developed compound guarantees flexibility, even below +7 degrees C.

Winter tyres maintain flexibility at low temperatures

Winter tyres are needed if:

  • You live or drive in a country where they are compulsory
  • Your local temperatures frequently falls below +7 degrees C
  • You live remotely and risk being cut off by heavy snowfall
  • You are reliant on your vehicle in cold weather
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