Tyre changing equipment to keep in your car

If your vehicle suffers a puncture whilst driving we would advise that you stop as soon as it is safe to do so, before calling a professional roadside service provider. Only attempt to change or repair a tyre if you can do so without putting yourself and others at risk. In the event of a puncture please ensure you follow the Rules of the Road and always make sure you have the correct equipment for the job.

It’s a good idea to keep tyre changing equipment and/or a tyre sealant kit in your car. Both could provide valuable assistance in helping you get to your nearest Uniroyal retailer. We suggest you should consider the following:

1. A securely fastened spare wheel. Many newer cars no longer come with spare wheels so ensure you have a tyre sealant kit.

2. A jack

3. A wheel wrench with extension bar

4. A locking wheel-nut adapter (if appropriate)

5. A tyre sealant kit

6. Your vehicle’s handbook

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