How to fit your RainSport 3 tyres

The flow-optimised tread design on our RainSport 3 and RainExpert 3 tyres is unique. To make sure you enjoy all the tyres’ benefits, you must fit them correctly. This article explains how to fit them, and why it matters.


What is the right way to fit the tyres?

The design of the RainSport 3 and RainExpert 3 combines the best elements of directional and asymmetrical tread patterns. But what does this mean when it comes to fitting them? While directional tyres feature an arrow printed on their sidewall, to show the required direction of travel, asymmetrical tyres (including flow-optimised asymmetrical tread patterns) have words stamped onto their sidewalls. The direction of travel is immaterial. What’s important is that you adhere to the instruction to face the side marked OUTSIDE on the roadside edge, away from the centre of the car. RainSport 3 and RainExpert 3 are fitted like asymmetrical tyres, with their larger tread blocks on the outside.

As you will see on the diagram, the RainSport 3 has the words OUTSIDE and INSIDE clearly marked as fitting aids. This also applies to the RainExpert 3.

The RainSport 3 was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. Judges praised its innovative technology and its clear, unique performance promise.

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