Tyre expertise

Average tyre life


Average tyre life That it is not just a question for those who drive occasionally. Wear also plays a role in this. We will explain what you should look for.

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Tyre changing equipment to keep in your car

It’s a good idea to keep a range of tools and tyre changing equipment in your car so that you’re well prepared in case you have to repair or replace your tyre by the side of the road.

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Tyre speed ratings

Tyre speed ratings tell you the maximum speed that particular tyre is legally approved for. 

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Traction on snow

Traction is defined as “the ability of a wheel or tyre to hold the ground without sliding”. This is particularly important when surfaces are slippery, like when driving on snow. 

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Physical forces when cornering

There’s more to tyre design than you might think. Engineers need to consider safety, fuel efficiency, wear and tear and performance - while being fully aware of all the forces that affect handling. 

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Disposal of old or used tyres

Uniroyal tyres are built to last. Assuming they’re not damaged, you should be able to enjoy tens of thousands of kilometres of happy, safe driving.

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Where are winter tyres mandatory in Europe?

Laws surrounding the use of winter tyres vary from country to country and even region to region. So, where are winter tyres mandatory in Europe?

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What is the difference between summer and winter tyres?


For many people, particularly those living in countries with extreme weather, it is mandatory to have two sets of tyres – one for summer and one for winter. 

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What are winter tyres?

Some countries insist that you swap from summer to winter tyres as the cold weather approaches. But what are winter tyres? 

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Winter tyre treads

There are three ways you can tell a winter tyre from a summer tyre by sight.

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How to fit your RainSport 3 tyres


The flow-optimised tread design on our RainSport 3 and RainExpert 3 tyres is unique. 

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Which different tread patterns are there?


You may have heard terms like ‘symmetrical’ and ‘directional’ tread patterns. But what do they actually mean? 

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The importance of tyre age as well as tread depth

If you drive relatively few miles every year, you might find that your tread depth remains fairly intact for several years.

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