Tyre care: How to keep using your tyres for as long as possible

Did you know that only an area of your tyres the size of a postcard comes into contact with the road? Every square centimetre of this contact surface helps to ensure that you can enjoy complete driving safety in wind and rain. That is why we recommend that you care for your car tyres on a regular basis. This can be done when you clean your rims, however, it involves regularly checking the tyre pressure, tread depth and the tyre conditions. We explain how often you should do certain things to ensure that you can use your tyres for as long as possible

Our recommendations for your car tyre care

You should carry out certain checks so that you can use your tyres for as long as possible. Some of them have recommended intervals, for example because tyre pressure can decrease over time. Other checks are only needed where appropriate, for instance after an unwanted collision with the curb.


  • Measurement of the tyre pressure every 14 days.
  • Checking of the tread depth every 14 days, ideally before every long journey.
  • Visual check for damage caused by sharp objects, cuts, cracks and bumps.


  • Balancing the seasonal tyre change.
  • Keeping track of the tyre age.
  • Inspection of the valves and valve caps.
  • Tyre cleaning and care.

As required

  • Visual check for cracks, scratches and/or bumps after bumping the curb.
  • Check for irregular wear and tracking after hitting a pothole.
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