Do your tyres need replacing or repairing

There are several reasons why you might need to change your tyres. Maybe it’s that time of year when you need to swap from winter tyres to summer tyres – or the other way round. 

Maybe your tread depth has fallen below legal limits, you’ve had a puncture or your tyres have deteriorated in storage.

What you need to know is whether your tyres need replacing or repairing.

In the case of swapping tyres, that’s easy. Ask your local Uniroyal dealer to check for any issues before they change your tyres over. It may be that your tread depth is still fine, particularly if you have a relatively low annual mileage, but your tyres may have become spongy through lack of use. If they’re happy, it’s a simple case of switching one set of tyres for the other.

Your Uniroyal dealer will run through some mandatory checks to see if your tyres need replacing or repairing.

They will check:

1. Your reason for changing tyres

2. The quality of your replacement tyres (if kept in storage)

3. Your current tread depth

4. The location of any puncture

5. Any signs of run flat damage

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