How to change a tyre

We would always recommend getting your tyre changed by a professional Uniroyal dealer but, if you’re determined to change a tyre yourself, it’s important you know how do it safely.

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Do your tyres need replacing or repairing


There are several reasons why you might need to change your tyres. Maybe it’s that time of year when you need to swap from winter tyres to summer tyres – or the other way round. 

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How to measure tyre pressure

For your safety, comfort and the longevity of your tyres, it’s important that you check your tyre pressures regularly. 

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Tyre care: How to keep using your tyres for as long as possible

Good tyre care preserves the service life of your tyre. What does this involve? We explain what to look out for in tyres and rims

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How and where to store tyres

If you swap between summer and winter tyres, you have to consider where you will store the unused set in the months when they’re out of action.

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How to repair a tyre

We always recommend that tyres are repaired by professionals.

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How to check your tyres tread depth


It’s important that you know how to check your tyres’ tread depth. After all, the tread depth affects handling and provides grip with the road surface.

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