What to do if you’re stuck in snow

If there’s been a snow dump while your vehicle’s been parked, or the tyres you’ve fitted simply weren’t up to the job and you’ve veered off the road, you may find yourself stuck in snow.

Here’s what you need to do.

Work out where the problem is

First of all, check all around the vehicle. You’ll need to see if the exhaust pipe is clear of snow. If not, clear it by hand. Then move any snow away from around each tyre. Ideally you’ll have a shovel in your car as part of your emergency winter kit but, if not, improvise with whatever’s available. As far as possible, try to break up any ice that’s formed under your tyres.


Depending on whether you’re intending to reverse out of the snow, or drive forwards, you will also need to get rid of any snow between your tyres and the exit route.


What to do if you’re stuck in snow

  • Clear any obvious snowfall
  • Disengage your traction control
  • Ask people to help rock the car back and forward
  • Pull away, slowly, in a low gear
  • If this fails, lay matting under the driving wheels
  • Alternatively sprinkle salt, sand or cat litter
  • Use some antifreeze if necessary but clear it up afterwards
  • Re-engage your traction control once you’re back on the road
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