Car holiday: Tips for your travel planning

Holiday time means travel time. Families in particular, and those who want to enjoy lots of flexibility on their holiday, start their travels by car. To make your arrival and departure as smooth as possible, we have put together some tips for your car holiday.

Car travel: Planning

Every trip begins with planning. This also applies to a car holiday, even more so when you have children. After all, a long car journey with children can be quite stressful. Therefore, distracting games are very important. Depending on the age of the children, you can encourage the whole family to play along. Decide in advance which toys to take with you during the drive with your toddler, and think about travel games. In particular, puzzle games, such as guessing number plates or finding cars in certain colours. Keep your children busy in the car with listening games, books or films, to give them as much variety and distraction as possible. In addition to distractions, there should also be sufficient snacks, drinks and sickness bags for sensitive stomachs on board.

Our tip for long drives: Set your itinerary in advance. This way, you can plan service stations and breaks. Aside from games, this then gives your children the opportunity to let off some steam during the drive. This is because some service stations also offer modern and safe playgrounds.

Plan a break roughly every two hours. On a long car trip with a baby, every hour and a half. In addition, avoid traffic jams by being aware of popular travel days or peak hour times in your travel planning. The streets are often quite crowded on weekends.

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